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MaX-DeAtH's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1,185 (From 193 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 19,565 Points

Star Splash

Novice Dolphin Unlocked 3/28/11
5 Points
Level 7 completed
Swims Like a Fish Unlocked 3/28/11
25 Points
Level 14 completed
Master Acrobat Unlocked 3/28/11
50 Points
Level 21 completed

Medals Earned: 3/3 (80/80 points)

Sticky Blocks

STAR POWER Unlocked 10/18/10
5 Points
Achieve a star rating.
BONUS UNLOCKED 5 Points Unlock a bonus level.
KEEP A SECRET 25 Points Unlock the secret levels.
TWENTY FIVE 25 Points Finish half the regular levels.
STICKY FIFTY 50 Points Complete all 50 regular levels.
STICKY MASTER 50 Points Complete every bonus and secret level with a star rating.
SUPER STAR 100 Points Complete all 50 regular levels with a star rating.
LONELY PURPLE Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/280 points)

Stickya Adventurya

Easier as it seems. Unlocked 10/13/10
5 Points
Kill the first enemy.
You're just great at this. Unlocked 10/13/10
25 Points
Die over 100 times.
HOW COULD YOU?! 5 Points Destroy all the bunnies.
Knick knocker. 10 Points Explode the big mean door.
Well, that was fun now wasn't it. 25 Points Complete the game.
Slice, Dice and Slash. 50 Points Defeat Slash in Guitar Hero.
You must be cheating! 100 Points Finish the game without dying more than 20 times.

Medals Earned: 2/7 (30/220 points)

Strawberry Shakedown

Under 9000 Unlocked 10/9/10
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Strawberry Squirt 25 Points Score 70,000 on Easy mode
Strawberry Slush 50 Points Score 180,000 on Medium mode
Strawberry Shake 100 Points Score 320,000 on Hard mode

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/180 points)

Super Cops: Targets

Destroyer Unlocked 5/1/11
5 Points
Shoot the barrel and destroy the fence
Solid Snake Unlocked 5/1/11
10 Points
Complete the sniper minigame
Dirty Cop 5 Points Kill 5 hostages
Engineer 10 Points Defuse all mines
Reloader 10 Points Reload 100 times
Vehicle Hater 10 Points Destroy a car
Bad Ass Killer 25 Points Kill the final boss
Rifle Cop 25 Points Kill 30 enemies with a rifle
Rookie Cop 25 Points Complete the game on easy difficulty
Shotgun Cop 25 Points Kill 20 enemies with the shotgun
Duck Hunt 50 Points Kill 20 Ducks in total
Good Cop 50 Points Complete the game on normal difficulty
Ninja 50 Points Get a 5x combo
Skilled 50 Points Complete the training and get the highest difficulty as recommend
The Killer 50 Points Kill a total of 666 enemies
Top Cop 100 Points Complete the game on hard difficulty

Medals Earned: 2/16 (15/500 points)

Super Playboy

This is Sparta! Unlocked 10/14/10
5 Points
killed by spearmen
Tons Drop! Unlocked 10/14/10
5 Points
drop from 5 meters height
Chicken Run! Unlocked 10/14/10
25 Points
kill 30 chickens
Epic Dead 5 Points killed by an explosion
Invasion 5 Points kill 15 civilians
Dragon Rider 10 Points destroy 10 balloons
Genocide 10 Points destroy 10 catapults
Rubber Hero 10 Points bounce back 25 projectiles
The Hero 10 Points kill 20 spearmen
Superhero 25 Points survive 5 minutes in Survival Mode
The One 25 Points kill 15 wizards
True Playboy 25 Points kiss 25 girls
God of Playboy 50 Points survive 15 minutes in Survival Mode
Mission Completed? 50 Points finish all levels

Medals Earned: 3/14 (35/260 points)

T E T R I S ' D: The Game

'My Up Key is Jammed!' Unlocked 4/24/11
5 Points
Survive 15 seconds without jumping.
One Wrong Move Unlocked 4/24/11
5 Points
Die by falling off the edge.
Still Alive Unlocked 4/24/11
5 Points
Stay alive for 50 block-drops
Tetris'd Unlocked 4/24/11
5 Points
Die by getting squished.
That Was Useful Unlocked 4/24/11
5 Points
Perform 15 corner-flips in one game.
Well Educated Unlocked 4/24/11
5 Points
Complete the Tutorial.
Addicted Unlocked 4/24/11
10 Points
Play the game for at least 20 minutes.
I'm Not Stopping Unlocked 4/24/11
10 Points
Stay alive for 100 block-drops.
Leap, Kangaroo Unlocked 4/24/11
10 Points
Jump 50 times in one game.
Total Showoff! Unlocked 4/24/11
10 Points
Earn a score of 45+ seconds without jumping.
Smooth Moves Unlocked 4/24/11
25 Points
Perform 3 consecutive wall-jumps.
Competing 5 Points Submit your score.
Dodgelicious 25 Points Stay alive for 250 block-drops.
Ninja 100 Points Perform 6 consecutive wall-jumps.
True G4m3r 100 Points Stay alive for 1337 block-drops.

Medals Earned: 11/15 (95/325 points)


Epic Battle Unlocked 11/3/12
5 Points
You squads must enter in the heroic state 20 times during a mission
General Mobilization Unlocked 11/3/12
5 Points
Purchase 10 squads in a mission
My Precious! Unlocked 11/3/12
5 Points
Open a treasure chest
Veni, Vidi, Vici Unlocked 11/3/12
5 Points
Complete a mission with the Perfect rating
Onslaught Unlocked 11/3/12
25 Points
Destroy 30 enemy squads in a mission
Banner Time 5 Points Set 5 banners in a battlefield in a mission
Justice of the Lord 10 Points Issue all the basic edicts of the Duchy of Westaria
Patronage of the Cult 10 Points Issue all the basic edicts of the Icedales Cult
The Law of the Steppe 10 Points Issue all the basic edicts of the Crimson Horde
Enchanted Kingdom 25 Points Control 7 obelisks at the same time
Freedom of the North 25 Points Complete the Icedales Cult campaign
From Hand to Hand 25 Points Seize strongholds 10 times in a mission
Great Army 25 Points Control 20 squads at the same time
Land of Artisians 25 Points Control 7 mines at the same time
Peaceful Place 25 Points Control 7 farms at the same time
Put It Into Treasury 25 Points Collect 3000 gold in a mission
Rampage of the South 25 Points Complete the Crimson Horde campaign
Test of Faith 25 Points Use the ultimate spell 5 times in a mission
Valor of the West 25 Points Complete the Duchy of Westaria campaign
The Great Khan 50 Points Complete all the Crimson Horde missions with Perfect rating
The Holy King 50 Points Complete all the Duchy of Westaria missions with Perfect rating
The Prophet 50 Points Complete all the Icedales Cult missions with Perfect rating

Medals Earned: 5/22 (45/480 points)

TANKMEN: Battle!

Getting Started Unlocked 11/4/10
5 Points
Defeat Team Henchmen.
Who Wears Armor Nowadays? Unlocked 11/4/10
10 Points
Defeat Team Armormen.
X-Ceptional Unlocked 11/4/10
10 Points
Defeat Team Armor-X-men.
Drawing My Revolver Unlocked 11/4/10
25 Points
Defeat Team Gunslingermen.
I Don't Smell Any Gas Unlocked 11/4/10
25 Points
Defeat Team Maskedmen.
I'll Stick With The Guns Unlocked 11/4/10
25 Points
Defeat Team Swordsmen.
Fuckin' Snipers Unlocked 11/4/10
50 Points
Defeat Team Snipermen.
Golden Champion Unlocked 11/4/10
50 Points
Defeat Team Goldmen.
Truly Epic Unlocked 11/4/10
50 Points
Defeat Team Epicmen.
Who Has The Force Now? Unlocked 11/4/10
50 Points
Defeat Team Jedimen.
Grinder Unlocked 11/4/10
100 Points
Reach Level 20.
Tankdiety Unlocked 11/4/10
100 Points
Defeat all 10 teams.

Medals Earned: 12/12 (500/500 points)

The Annoying Little Game

Chasing the Unicorns Unlocked 10/12/10
5 Points
Trippin' Balls
Weakling Unlocked 10/12/10
10 Points
Die 37 times
Ain't Gonna Cut It 25 Points Survive the cave of blades
Admirable Patience 50 Points Finish the game
Invincible 100 Points Finish the game with no deaths

Medals Earned: 2/5 (15/190 points)